Lisa Seary, Singing


Lisa is an experienced singing tutor and vocal coach who graduated with a BA honours degree in Voice and Dance from the University of Limerick’s Irish World Academy. Lisa teaches singing in three of our weekend centres and her classes are some of the most popular in the school. 

She founded ‘Lisa Seary Vocal Coach’ in 2013 and currently runs successful private vocal classes including a specialised programme, Ready, Steady, Sing which is aimed at developing vocal progression in young children. Having trained under and worked with Michel Durham for the past 15 years, Lisa gained a wealth of experience in working with various groups and projects including AMP, the Galway Gospel Choir and also conducted a group of 100 students as part of the Spideog Choir who performed during a night of songs tunes and words for the Manuela Riedo Foundation in October 2014.

Lisa is also the lead conductor of the wonderful cancer survivors choir, Something to Sing About and has been involved with many local and national charity performances and performed in Belgium as part of the first world war commemorations for the “1000 Voices For Peace” choir. 

In 2017, Lisa prepared all our Senior Stage students for Royal Irish Academy of Music singing exams with great success and many receiving Distinction and had a fantastic summer as MD with Teenage Stage International Summer School and Sweeney Todd School Edition in Galway and Dublin.

Stephen Fitzpatrick