A creative road map for your child's future. Why drama, dance and singing classes matter.

It may only be three hours each weekend at StageSchool Ireland, but those three hours truly provide valuable skills that help young people succeed in their childhood, teenage years and beyond.

That's why our mantra is "Arts education for the next generation!" a creative road map for your child's future that is complementary yet independent of normal academic study.

Essentially, relishing the power of performance to harness self esteem, creativity, resilience, self-expression and imagination, (everything your child needs to face this challenging digital age)

Not only that, but what could be more fun than learning these skills while singing, dancing and acting with new friends. Today, these skills are increasingly less likely to be taught in school with budget cuts.

Learning expressive arts help prepare a young person for a career in the theatre but it can also offer so much  more fundamentally – because this kind of training gives valuable life skills today.

Self esteem is vital speaking with a group of peers or confidence to meet new people with a smile, but also in many other, less obvious, situations. Communication skills at college for a debate, interview or a boardroom presentation so our classes and teachers genuinely transform their future..

In drama, it’s easy to forget or miss a line or hit the wrong note in a musical. Students learn mistakes are bound to happen and a crucial and valuable part of learning. We need to "allow ourselves to fail" and until you can do this, you can't create anything truly stageworthy. What matters is having a go: learning from errors and becoming resilient when things don’t go to plan.

Arts education is more about solving problems quickly and creatively – learning how to ensure that line remains in your head or how to find a way to reach that high note. Finding solutions to creative problems will be more valued in the future as technology and automation replace many jobs.

StageSchool Ireland teaches students how to make themselves understood amid the excitement of rehearsal or in daily life. And when it comes to dance training, these skills come to the fore while staying physically fit and active, rather than sitting in front of a screen. The ability to "take direction" quickly and easily helps our listening skills in school and social life too. It’s tremendous hard work at times, but fun too!

Change is inevitable and it can be hard. From new schools to moving home, to starting a new job, we face a constantly changing world. But learning to perform, learning to adapt quickly, in rehearsal or on stage, makes change a safe concept in all areas of life. Change of course, can be good.. and exciting!

We passionately believe every child has creativity in them, but potential must not be suppressed. There’s no better way to realise it than through arts education. What these disciplines offer young people is skills for life and not just for the stage.

Off stage or on stage, your children and teens are unique. What they bring to the theatre, matters. Always.. 

We hope they enjoy this creative journey of joy and discovery!

John Lucey