Can I immediately say how deeply grateful Marion, Aoife and I are to you and your teachers, for the wonderful work you do. The importance of your efforts could not be overstated. Aoife has loved her time with StageSchool and I know we will all miss it greatly. Aoife started with you as a 6 year old back in 2006. These are 12 years and numerous memories that we cherish. Your kind manner, infectious interest in the performing arts, the dedication of your teachers, the attention and support you and Eliz gave Aoife (as all your students) is remarkable and something Marion and I have admired for many years and now have opportunity to applaud.

We believe Aoife's experience of StageSchool Ireland has had a profound affect on her development and will influence her for years to come. Aoife's core interest's and strengths today are greatly influenced by her time with your school and I'm sure will direct her choices in the next phase of her life.

John Lucey