Our Junior Stage summer show is the award winning Three Little Pigs by Niki Davies!

We are delighted to announce our Junior Stage show is the award winning Three Little Pigs by NIki Davies in all our centres, (students age 4 to 6)

t's time for the three little pigs to leave home, and as their mother waves them off, she warns them to watch out for the big, bad wolf. The little pigs build houses of straw, sticks and bricks. But the next day along comes the big, bad wolf. He huffs and he puffs the first two houses down, but he just cannot blow the house of bricks down. Getting very cross he climbs up on the roof and makes his way down the chimney, but the three little pigs come up with a plan to rid themselves of the big, bad wolf forever.

Far more than just a songbook, this series has been written for use both in the classroom and in assemblies. Traditional, well loved stories re-told through a very simple script and just a few bite-size songs.

This delightful combination of ‘song and story’ will enliven and enrich learning, both in music and literacy, as well as give younger children a manageable experience of performing a mini-musical.

John Lucey